Separating and Prepping the Dry Orchids:
Commencing with dry and lifeless dendro orchids need not result in disposal. Begin by separating these dry plants from their pots, marking the initiation of their revival journey. Subsequently, trim away all withered roots, recognizing that these desiccated portions are no longer conducive to plant growth. The emphasis lies in cleanliness – washing the separated parts thoroughly and wiping them dry. To expedite the drying process, a touch of hydrogen peroxide is applied to the cuts, ensuring a swift transition to the next stage.

Eggshell Nutrients for Root Development:
Harnessing the nutritional benefits of eggs becomes the next key step in reviving these seemingly lifeless orchids. Employ double-ended small perforated chicken eggs as a medium to promote root growth. Eggs, rich in protein and vital vitamins, create an optimal environment for roots to flourish. Augmenting this with a vitamin B1 tablet ensures the roots receive the necessary nutrients for optimal development. This step sets the foundation for the revival process.

Moisture Maintenance with Moss and Mist:
Transitioning to a plastic cup with a drainage hole, the focus shifts to maintaining the right moisture levels for the revitalization process. Introducing a small amount of moss ensures a conducive environment, while regular misting every three days becomes a crucial routine. Placing the orchid in a cool and consistent location sets the stage for gradual recovery. As the orchid undergoes this moisture-focused care, observable changes unfold over the course of a month, marking the initial signs of revival.

Transplanting for Further Growth:
After four months of dedicated care, the once dry and lifeless dendro orchids have undergone a remarkable transformation. Lush green growth and robust root development become evident, showcasing the success of the simple propagation method. At this juncture, the orchids are ready for transplantation into new pots, facilitating their integration into the external environment. Opting for coal as part of the potting mix, coupled with a layer of moss, ensures sustained moisture. Daily misting remains a crucial aspect of this continued care, fostering ongoing growth and vitality.

In conclusion, the journey from seemingly lifeless orchids to thriving green plants is a testament to the effectiveness of a straightforward propagation method. By incorporating elements like eggs, vitamins, and careful moisture control, one can transform the fate of dry orchids, demonstrating that discarding them is no longer a necessary recourse. This method not only breathes new life into the orchids but also provides a template for orchid enthusiasts to revive and propagate their beloved plants.