Selecting and Preparing Propagation Points:
As orchid flowers reach their peak and begin to wither, a unique opportunity arises for propagation. By carefully selecting and cutting these faded flowers, one can identify the dormant “sleeping eyes” that hold the potential for new sprouts. A meticulous process involves removing excess sprouts, ensuring optimal growth conditions for the chosen ones. The use of a candle on the cut areas facilitates quick drying, preventing rot during the propagation phase.

Potato and Aloe Vera Fertilizer Blend:
Harnessing the natural richness of potato skin and aloe vera, a powerful organic fertilizer is created. Potatoes, abundant in essential vitamins and minerals such as Calcium, Potassium, Phosphorus, and Magnesium, offer an ideal medium for rapid sprout development. The combination with aloe vera, known for its nutrient-rich leaves, results in a potent mixture. After pureeing a small aloe vera leaf in water, the concoction is filtered. Orchid branches are then soaked in this nutrient-rich blend for approximately 20 minutes, ensuring absorption of the beneficial elements.

Moss and Lime Water for Medium Preparation:
Preparing a suitable growth medium is pivotal for orchid propagation. Lime water, created by dissolving half a teaspoon of powdered lime in 400ml of water, is employed to soak moss. This process eliminates harmful fungi and bacteria from the medium. Careful washing of the moss with cold water removes any residual lime, creating a clean and pathogen-free medium. Using a plastic container with drainage holes, a layer of moistened moss is placed on top, providing the necessary humidity for optimal growth.

Creating an Orchid Habitat:
Employing a perforated plastic box with added toilet paper for moisture retention, the orchid habitat is crafted. A thin layer of moss covers the top, maintaining a conducive environment for growth. Adequate water levels are crucial, preventing waterlogging while ensuring the plants receive sufficient moisture. The remaining water, mixed in a 1:1 ratio, becomes a nourishing solution for the orchids. The potent blend of potato juice and aloe vera, rich in Calcium, Potassium, Phosphorus, and Magnesium, promotes vibrant green leaves and robust root development.

In just one month, the orchid sprouts display significant growth, emphasizing the effectiveness of the natural fertilizer. Ongoing care, including regular watering and misting, sustains the moisture levels crucial for orchid health. After three months, the small trees exhibit robust growth with healthy, green leaves. The successful propagation method sets the stage for confidently transplanting the orchids into new pots, facilitating continued growth in an external environment. This simple yet effective approach offers orchid enthusiasts a reliable method to expand their orchid collection with ease.