Disinfecting with White Cement:

When faced with the challenge of orchids suffering from leaf and root rot, an effective solution lies in the use of white cement. The powdery substance, when mixed with water, creates a potent disinfectant that aids in the recovery of damaged plants. A small spoon of white cement added to 0.5 liters of water forms a solution that settles to clear water. This solution becomes instrumental in disinfecting orchids plagued by leaf rot.

Isolating and Cleaning:

For orchids affected by leaf rot, swift action is crucial. Begin by removing the affected leaves immediately, as they harbor bacteria and fungi. Isolating these leaves prevents the spread of disease to healthy plants. Removing the old potting medium is essential, especially in environments with high humidity, as it fosters bacterial growth. Delicately cut away damaged roots and branches, ensuring a clean environment for the growth of young leaves.

Protecting with Cement Water:

The application of clear water mixed with white cement plays a pivotal role in safeguarding orchids from fungal diseases. Placing the orchid in a pot and covering the roots with cement water provides an effective shield against rot and promotes faster growth during the replanting process. Allowing the orchid to soak in this protective solution for about 30 minutes is key to its success.

Replanting for Better Recovery:

After the soaking process, carefully remove the orchid, wiping it dry with a soft towel. Application of cement powder on affected areas, such as roots and black spots, facilitates quick drying and healing. Hanging the orchid upside down in a cool place for a day allows the cement to work its magic. Post this treatment, thorough washing and drying prepare the orchid for replanting with clay seeds, fostering a healthier recovery.

Incorporating white cement into your orchid care routine offers a surprising and effective method for rescuing plants from leaf and root rot. This method, when applied diligently, proves to be a reliable strategy in restoring the health and vitality of your cherished orchids.