Pausing Watering for Recovery:

Orchids, when found with yellowing leaves, require special care to rejuvenate. Instead of immediately repotting, a beneficial approach involves stopping watering for about a week. This intentional drying of the roots, although seemingly drastic, is a natural process. During this period, the infected roots will dry out, and the remaining ones will be better protected and developed. This method effectively removes fungal roots, promoting the growth of new and healthier roots.

Purple Onion Elixir:

A surprisingly simple yet effective solution to aid orchids in their recovery is the use of purple onions. These onions, rich in vitamins and nutrients with potent antioxidant and antibacterial properties, play a crucial role in plant revival. Creating a solution by blending purple onions in 0.5 liters of water and then filtering it provides a powerful elixir. Spraying this onion-infused water on the orchids serves a dual purpose: preventing further fungal infection and promoting rapid growth.

Soaking in Purple Onion Goodness:

After the one-week pause in watering, the next step involves spraying the orchids with the purple onion solution. This method ensures that the planting material and roots are consistently protected. Soaking the orchid in purple onion water for 30 minutes further enhances its recovery. The benefits become evident in less than three weeks, with greener and healthier leaves, along with flourishing roots. This approach is particularly effective for orchids suffering from yellowed leaves due to fungal diseases.

Transplanting for Continued Growth:

For orchids on the path to recovery, transplanting into a new pot becomes the final step. Before the transplant, it’s essential to spray the orchid with purple onion water once more. Following the transplant, continue to water the potting medium and soak the plant for an additional 30 minutes. Placing the orchid in a cool, well-lit area and maintaining a watering schedule only when the planting material is dry ensures continued growth and development. Witnessing healthy roots thriving alongside previously infected ones showcases the success of using purple onion juice for orchid care.

In conclusion, adopting this straightforward method of pausing watering, employing purple onion water, and transplanting when needed can revive orchids with yellowing leaves. The resilience of orchids shines through as they recover and flourish with this careful and natural approach to care.