Garlic Water Preparation for Quick Recovery:
When faced with orchids reduced to just one remaining leaf, a swift and straightforward recovery method involves the potent properties of garlic. To initiate this process, take a clove of garlic, crush it, and infuse it in a small amount of water. Allow this garlic concoction to sit in a cool place for four hours. Following this, filter the garlic water and dilute it with an additional half-liter of water. This garlic-infused solution will serve as a revitalizing elixir for the ailing orchids.

Garlic Water Application and Restoration Setup:
With the garlic elixir prepared, the next step involves applying it to the orchids. Evenly spray the garlic water on the orchids and then gently wipe them dry. Following this, place the treated orchids in a glass container. Create a supportive setup using small, clean pebbles and a modified plastic bottle. Cut holes in the bottle and insert pebbles, securing them in place with tape. Subsequently, fill a plastic cup with water and position it above the base of the orchid, ensuring minimal water contact. Allow this setup to persist for 20 minutes, fostering a conducive environment for recovery.

Careful Moisture Management with Pebbles:
The strategic use of pebbles in the recovery setup plays a crucial role in moisture management. The pebbles absorb water, maintaining the root part’s optimal moisture without inducing excessive wetness. This careful balance ensures that the orchid receives the necessary hydration for rejuvenation. Additionally, the setup facilitates easy water changes, allowing for hassle-free maintenance and adjustment of moisture levels based on the orchid’s needs.

Successful Orchid Recovery and Replanting:
After diligently following this easy and effective recovery method, observe the impressive results after 40 days. The roots have started to develop, showcasing the success of the garlic-infused treatment. The revitalized orchids boast healthy, green leaves, indicating their restored vigor. With this newfound resilience, you can confidently proceed to replant the orchids in an outdoor environment. Utilize this plastic cup for the replanting process, ensuring a seamless transition for the orchids to thrive in their rejuvenated state.