Preparing the Orchids for Recovery:
When faced with orchids exhibiting yellow or rotten leaves along with fungal issues, a swift and effective restoration method can breathe new life into these ailing plants. Begin by removing all the damp and fungus-prone substances from the planting material. Swift action is crucial, as unchecked fungus growth can rapidly spread throughout the orchid. Trim away all damaged roots and thoroughly clean the affected parts. Proper washing and drying of these parts are essential for the success of the recovery process.

Garlic-Water Soak for Orchid Revitalization:
To initiate the revitalization process, place the cleaned orchids in a plastic bag and leave them in a cool place for a day. Meanwhile, prepare a garlic-infused solution by using three to four cloves of garlic in one liter of room temperature water. Cover the mixture and let it sit in a cool place for another day. The garlic juice, rich in vitamins and nutrients, aids in the restoration of the orchids. After a day, filter the garlic water. Subsequently, apply this garlic water evenly to the leaves, preventing the resurgence of fungus during the recovery phase.

Strategic Planting and Rehydration:
Place the orchids in a container with garlic water, ensuring the base of the plant is adequately covered. Allow the orchids to soak in this solution for 30 minutes. This garlic-water treatment can be administered every two weeks, proving particularly beneficial for weak and underdeveloped orchids. Following the soaking period, carefully replant the orchids in a dry substrate. Refrain from watering the plants for three days. After this period, apply a layer of dry moss on the pot surface, adding water generously to maintain a moist growing medium.

Successful Orchid Recovery and Maintenance:
Witness the results of this straightforward recovery method after 45 days. The leaves exhibit a vibrant green color, indicating improved health and strength. The roots, crucial for orchid well-being, have developed robustly. This method offers an uncomplicated yet highly effective approach to restoring orchids, fostering the growth of strong and healthy roots. Employ this technique whenever you encounter orchids facing issues like yellowing, rot, or fungal infections for a successful revival.

The provided method showcases a simple yet impactful way to revive orchids that may seem beyond recovery. By incorporating garlic-infused water, strategic planting, and careful rehydration, you can witness the transformation of weakened orchids into vibrant and healthy plants.