1. Stop Watering and Isolate:

To combat rot in orchids effectively, the first step is to cease watering completely. High humidity provides a breeding ground for bacteria, leading to rot. Isolate affected orchids from healthy ones to prevent the spread of the issue. Remove rotten leaves and place them separately. Ensure the removal of all old planting material, as orchids often come with moss that retains moisture. If you opt to continue using moss, sun-dry it and adjust watering accordingly.

2. Garlic Spray for Antibacterial Defense:

Harness the power of garlic to revive your orchids. Crush a clove and place it in 200 ml of filtered water, creating a potent antibacterial spray. Garlic’s antibacterial properties help prevent fungal growth. Spray the solution evenly on the entire plant, focusing on the leaves. The substances in garlic contribute to balancing and regulating plant growth. Use a soft cloth to wipe the leaves. Additionally, apply wound disinfectant to badly rotted areas on the trunk and black spots on the roots to aid in the recovery process.

3. Dry Pine Bark and Moss Mix:

Revitalize your orchids by using a dry growing medium. Create a mixture of 70% dry pine bark and 30% dry moss. Use a pot with proper drainage, placing the orchid in a cool, airy, and well-lit location. Planting in a dry medium helps prevent the spread of rot and limits fungal diseases’ growth. Allow the base of the plant to protrude from the pot surface. Refrain from watering for 3 to 4 days, then provide just enough moisture. Leave the plant in a cool, well-ventilated place for an additional week. This method promotes quick recovery and robust growth.

4. Strategic Watering for Recovery:

After the dry period, gradually reintroduce water to your orchids. Water just enough to maintain moisture, ensuring not to overwater. Place the orchid in a cool and well-ventilated environment with ample light for an additional week. Strategic watering and controlled moisture levels contribute to the orchids’ rapid recovery and growth. Following these simple yet effective steps will surprise you with the resilience and vibrancy your once-rotten orchids can achieve.