1. Removing Old Planting Material:

When the vibrant blooms of your Dendro orchid start to fade, it’s time to focus on rejuvenating its roots. Begin by carefully removing all the old planting material from the plant. Afterward, let the plant rest in a cool place for 3 to 5 days. This brief period allows the roots to naturally wither, effectively limiting the growth of fungal diseases. Once the withering process is complete, trim away the dried roots and any yellowing leaves, leaving only a single stem.

2. Garlic Boost for New Roots:

A simple and natural method to promote the growth of new roots involves the use of garlic. Garlic, known for its antibacterial properties, acts as a powerful disinfectant. Break a small clove of garlic into pieces and place them in 200ml of water. Filter the water and transfer it to a sprayer. Evenly spray the entire plant, ensuring the garlic-infused water reaches every part. To secure the orchid in place during this process, drill two holes above and use a plastic stick for support.

3. Watering Technique for Optimal Growth:

To ensure the orchid establishes roots quickly, a strategic watering technique is crucial. Fix the orchid in the pot using clamps and allow water to flood a portion of the roots. During the process, regularly check for damaged roots, and change the water in the pot. This method promotes water absorption and steam rising, maintaining the moisture levels necessary for rapid root development.

4. Transplanting for Continued Growth:

After about two months of employing these simple yet effective methods, you’ll witness significant root growth. At this stage, transplant the orchid into a new pot filled with pre-soaked charcoal. Charcoal’s ability to retain water and reduce salt content makes it an ideal medium. Ensure the plant’s base protrudes slightly from the pot surface. To maintain moisture, cover the pot surface with coco peat or moss. With this approach, you not only foster healthy roots but also encourage the growth of smaller plants, providing a thriving environment for your Dendro orchids.

By following these steps, you can effortlessly revive the health of your orchid’s roots, promoting robust growth and ensuring a beautiful display of blooms in the future.