Utilizing Turmeric for Restoration:
When orchids are purchased with wilted flowers and rotting leaves, it indicates a poor metabolism and insufficient nutrients for flowering. To revive such orchids, turmeric, with its abundant vitamins and antibacterial properties, proves to be a valuable ally. Start by preparing a solution with a small teaspoon of turmeric powder in boiled and cooled water. Remove all wilted flowers, isolate the plant from healthy ones, and clean the area where leaves are rotten. Trim damaged and dry roots, ensuring the green and healthy ones are retained. Applying turmeric water acts as a disinfectant, protecting leaves and roots from fungal diseases.

Healing Rotten Leaves and Roots:
The next step involves the application of turmeric to the locations of rotten leaves and blackened roots. This process facilitates rapid healing and provides essential protection to the cut or damaged roots. Applying a bit of turmeric powder to the affected parts, including cracked leaves, contributes to the overall recovery. For the replanting process, transfer the orchid to a new pot with dry growing medium, ensuring no watering for the initial 5 days. Placing the pot in a cool, well-lit area aids in the quick development of new roots.

Moisture Maintenance and Continued Care:
After the initial 5-day period, provide a sufficient amount of water to help the plant maintain moisture. Avoiding water during the dry growing medium phase is a strategic approach, promoting quick growth and the emergence of new roots. If there’s leftover turmeric water, utilize it to spray evenly on the leaves, preventing fungal diseases and enhancing the orchid’s resistance. This watering method should be repeated once every two weeks to ensure optimal growth.

Turmeric Water for Root Growth:
Turmeric water plays a crucial role in promoting robust root growth. Applying it every two weeks aids in the orchid’s overall development, making it a vital component of the care routine. The provided guide offers a simple yet effective way to revive orchids with wilted flowers and rotting leaves. By harnessing the power of turmeric and adopting a strategic approach to watering and care, you can witness the swift recovery and rejuvenation of your orchids.