Utilizing Aloe Vera Water for Grafting:
Grafting Dendro orchids into new pots is a crucial step in ensuring their growth and adaptation to a fresh environment. A simple yet effective method involves using a small piece of aloe vera. Known for its antibacterial and antiseptic properties, aloe vera provides essential nutrients for quick root development. Prepare a solution by placing the aloe vera in 1 liter of water, filtering it, and then evenly spraying it on the plants. This aids in acclimatizing the orchids to their new surroundings. Subsequently, immerse the pots in aloe vera water for approximately 30 minutes, disinfecting the roots and providing necessary vitamins for a balanced transplanting process.

Trimming and Preventing Fungal Diseases:
After the rooting process, remove all old planting material, trimming crushed and damaged roots. This practice ensures healthier growth in the new environment and prevents the orchids from losing strength during the transition. To combat fungal diseases, leverage the antibacterial properties of aloe water every two weeks. This routine significantly accelerates root growth and fortifies the orchids against potential diseases. For the actual transplant, use a wire to secure the orchid in a new pot with dry pine bark, incorporating a bit of dry moss. Be cautious not to overfill the root area, and refrain from watering the tree for the initial 5 days.

Promoting Quick Root Healing:
The brief hiatus from watering aids in the swift drying and healing of root cuts, facilitating the establishment of roots in the new pot. The use of moss contributes to moisture retention, enhancing the orchid’s resilience. After the 5-day period, provide a sufficient amount of water to maintain humidity, ensuring the top of the tree faces the light source. Consistency in the orchid’s position aids in uninterrupted growth. This meticulous grafting approach not only fosters healthy root growth but also establishes a robust foundation for the orchid’s overall development.

Strategic Fixing and Final Care:
Fixing the orchid with a wire ensures stability in the new pot. This step is critical for preventing any displacement that could hinder the orchid’s growth. The orchid is then placed in a cool area with sufficient light, creating an optimal environment for continued development. Following these steps diligently will contribute to the orchid’s successful adaptation, with robust roots and sustained vitality.