Reviving the Orchid:
To restore a rotting orchid, utilize a simple and accessible method. Start by preparing a nutrient-rich mixture. Combine 2 tablespoons of rice, packed with B vitamins, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, and magnesium, with 200ml of water. Additionally, use 3 cloves of garlic, mixing them with 300ml of boiled water. Let the rice water and garlic juice sit together until the garlic juice cools.

Preparation and Cleaning:
As you wait for the garlic juice to cool, address the orchid plant. Remove any damaged leaves, especially the ones on top. Despite their green appearance, neglecting these leaves may lead to immediate damage. Trim dried flower branches, cutting away plant material that contributes to orchid rot. Ensure a thorough wash of the remaining healthy roots to create optimal conditions for rapid growth.

Nutrient Boost and Plant Care:
Once the garlic water has cooled, filter the rice water and add the garlic juice. Submerge the orchid in this nutrient-rich mixture, leaving it for 30 minutes. This revitalization process encourages quick and robust recovery. For ongoing care, apply this mixture monthly to promote healthy root growth. After 30 minutes, remove the orchid, dry it, and replant it using dry pine bark. Abstain from watering for five days. Afterward, introduce moss and water generously for 20 minutes, maintaining a consistently moist potting medium. Regular spraying every five days and watering when the medium is dry ensures continued growth.

Results and Continued Care:
After a month of following this method, observe significant growth in the orchid. Both the tree and roots thrive with improved health. Consider adding more moss to provide additional support to the roots. Embrace regular watering to sustain moisture and foster faster growth. By adhering to this straightforward technique, your orchid will flourish, and you can keep it potted without the need for transplantation. Remember to enjoy the results and share the knowledge.