The Nutrient-Rich Rice Powder:
A common concern among orchid enthusiasts is how to enhance the longevity of flowers on the branches while ensuring the overall health of the plant. Today, we unveil a secret fertilizer that promotes lush green leaves and healthier roots. Begin by acquiring a glass of rice and allowing the grains to change color. Once they return to their normal hue, blend the rice into a powder. This nutritional powder, rich in calcium, potassium, phosphorus, and magnesium, serves as an excellent food source for orchids and various other plants.

Preparing the Rice Water:
Utilizing this rice powder, you can create a nutrient-packed solution. Mix a tablespoon of the powder with cold or boiled water in a bowl, letting it sit for 30 minutes. This process ensures that the vitamins and nutrients from the rice dissolve into the water effectively. For an added organic nutrient boost, consider preparing rice water by cooking two handfuls of rice in a significant amount of water. This concoction becomes an excellent source of nutrients, fostering quick orchid growth.

Application and Care Routine:
Implement this secret fertilizer by providing 5 to 6 tablespoons of the rice water per pot. Carefully water the leaves, maintaining this process once a month. The rich potassium, phosphorus, and magnesium content in the rice facilitate rapid orchid growth, resulting in an abundance of flowers. Regularly water the plants during the week to maintain moisture, promoting robust root development. Opt for the clear water at the top, avoiding the sediment to prevent fungus growth.

Ensuring Healthy Roots and Continued Growth:
To support the growth of healthy roots, provide the plant with water 40 minutes before the roots turn white or gray-white. This step allows the roots to absorb nutrients more effectively. The organic nature of this fertilizer contributes to vibrant, green leaves, and numerous flower buds. By adhering to this monthly care routine, even small plants emerging from the base of the orchid will exhibit enhanced beauty and brilliance. Embrace the advantages of organic fertilizers for thriving orchids, and leave the roots in the water for approximately 30 minutes to maximize nutrient absorption. Wishing you abundant health and success in your orchid-growing endeavors.