Drying the Roots:
When faced with rootless orchids exhibiting wrinkled leaves, a novel method can swiftly revive their root system. Start by cutting off all damaged roots and placing the orchid upside down in a cool area for one day. This innovative approach facilitates the natural drying of the base. To prevent water evaporation, cover the leaves with small plastic bags. This step not only protects the roots from fungi and bacteria effectively but also sets the stage for the subsequent revitalization process.

Garlic Juice Treatment:
Utilize the power of garlic to enhance the orchid’s recovery. Prepare a garlic juice solution by soaking a small clove of garlic in 300ml of room temperature water for 24 hours. After filtering the solution, use the garlic juice to wipe the leaves and prevent the growth of insects and fungal issues. Submerge the base of the plant in this garlic juice for 30 minutes. Employ soft foam sheets to wrap the base, maintaining optimal moisture without excess wetness. This garlic-infused treatment provides an environment conducive to rapid root development.

Misting and Watering Routine:
Following the garlic treatment, place the orchid back in a plastic cup, ensuring proper drainage by creating holes in the cup. If using tap water, let it sit for 3 to 5 days; pure water can be used immediately. Add a small amount of water to keep the leaves firm and healthy, adjusting as needed. Implement a misting routine every four days to maintain the ideal moisture level for root growth. Consistent misting over ten days will yield the formation of healthy roots, establishing a simple yet effective path to orchid revival.

Transplanting for Future Growth:
After approximately 50 days of careful care, the orchid’s roots will have grown substantially and become healthy. At this stage, it’s advisable to transplant the orchid into a new pot to facilitate better growth in an outdoor environment. Utilize expanded clay seeds and moss for the replanting process. This marks the culmination of a straightforward method to restore roots in orchids initially without roots, offering a practical and effective solution for orchid enthusiasts seeking to revive their beloved plants.