Choosing the Right Orchids:
When it comes to propagating orchids from fading flowers, a lesser-known method involves the use of coconut water. This natural elixir contains Cytokinin, along with essential minerals and vitamins like Calcium, Potassium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Sodium, and B6, B1, C. To kickstart this process, opt for orchids with green branches and cut them from the areas where flowers have withered. By retaining these sections, you set the stage for the revival of small sprouts.

Coconut Water Application:
After removing interfering shells, apply coconut water generously to facilitate the growth of small trees on the flower stems. The Cytokinin in coconut water fosters rapid growth, while periodic applications, ideally once every 15 days, ensure a consistent nutrient supply for the competing and dividing small sprouts. Patience is key, considering the varying growth rates among different flower varieties. Regular water and misting maintain the moisture of flower branches.

Enhancing Root Growth:
To expedite root growth, continue using coconut water by applying it directly to the base of the plant. This supportive measure aids the small trees in establishing roots in the ground. Recognizing that nutrients are transported from the roots, a comprehensive nutrient boost becomes imperative. Create a nutrient-rich solution by combining 200 ml of coconut water with one clove of garlic in 800 ml of water. This concoction, when applied every 15 days, not only supports root development but also promotes strong cell division, ensuring healthy, green leaves.

Coconut Water Enrichment:
Incorporating coconut water in leaf care is equally beneficial. Regularly wiping the leaves with coconut water solution enhances protein intake and fosters Cytokinin-induced cell division. Watering the base of the plant with this solution or direct spraying on the leaves contributes to a thriving environment for beneficial microorganisms. This ecosystem not only boosts plant metabolism but also aids in the breakdown of inorganic fertilizers and pesticides, safeguarding the overall health of the orchids.

In conclusion, harnessing the natural properties of coconut water introduces an effective and organic approach to orchid propagation, nurturing the growth of vibrant small trees on flower branches.