Discover how to bring ailing orchids back to life with simple ingredients found in your kitchen. If you encounter orchids with rotten leaves, hold off on discarding them. Uncover the secrets to reviving these plants by following the steps outlined in this video.

Checking Roots and Clearing Substrate

  • When faced with orchids exhibiting leaf rot, start by examining the roots. Even if the leaves are severely damaged, sturdy roots may persist.
  • Remove the old substrate and cut away damaged roots, clearing the orchid for the revival process.
  • Wash the orchid thoroughly to eliminate harmful bacteria.

Garlic’s Antibacterial Power

  • Utilize the natural antibacterial properties of garlic to combat orchid ailments. Finely chop 2 cloves of garlic and mix them with 350ml of filtered water.
  • Allow the garlic to soak for 30 minutes before filtering out the garlic water.

Harnessing the Power of Ginger

  • Leverage the stimulating effects of ginger on roots and growth. Soak ginger for 5 months, adding 1 teaspoon to the garlic water.
  • Soak the orchid roots in this garlic and ginger-infused water for 30 minutes. Ensure the cut areas dry completely before replanting in sterilized pine bark.

Nurturing the Recovering Orchid

  • Keep the newly treated orchid in a cool, shaded area, away from direct sunlight, allowing it to recover.
  • After 1 month, witness the revival of the orchid with healthy new roots and vibrant growth.
  • Maintain the orchid’s health by regularly providing nutrients from sources like bananas, aloe vera, ginger, and garlic.

Embark on this journey of orchid recovery using garlic and ginger, witnessing the transformation of ailing plants into thriving, green beauties.