Discover the key to year-round orchid blooms by attending to crucial factors like temperature, light, humidity, and, notably, fertilizer. Unveil a simple yet powerful method using tea leaves and fresh milk to foster robust orchid growth in the comfort of your home.

First Method: Tea and Milk Fusion

  • Start by adding 1 liter of boiled water to tea leaves, allowing it to cool. Tea is rich in minerals crucial for phalaenopsis orchid growth.
  • Dilute the tea by adding water to make 3 liters, and incorporate 1 tablespoon of unsweetened fresh milk. Milk brings essential elements like calcium, phosphorus, vitamins A and B, nitrogen, potassium, and trace elements, promoting rapid orchid root development.
  • Water the orchid roots with this solution. Tea’s antibacterial properties and pH-balancing abilities safeguard the roots, prevent diseases, and foster healthy growth. Ensure to repeat this process twice a month, morning and evening.

Second Method: Foliar Fertilization with Tea and Milk

  • Utilize the organic fertilizer solution to spray the entire orchid plant, mimicking foliar fertilization. The protein content in the mixture enhances leaf color and lushness, promoting green parts and increased photosynthesis.

Third Method: Leaf Cleansing for Optimal Nutrition

  • Clean both the top and bottom of orchid leaves with the liquid fertilizer once a month. This shields leaves from diseases, removes pests like thrips and mealybugs, and prevents fungal issues. This method ensures leaves receive comprehensive vitamins and nutrients.

Results: Flourishing Orchids After 1 Month

Experience the impressive outcome after just one month of this tea and milk regimen. Orchid roots thrive, absorbing maximum nutrients and resulting in larger, healthier flowers that bloom more brightly and last longer. Embrace this easy-to-follow care routine for vibrant, flourishing orchids year-round.