Trimming and Protecting Damaged Roots:
When faced with the challenge of reviving rotting orchids, it’s crucial to assess the extent of damage. If the core of the orchid remains green, there’s hope for recovery. Start the process by carefully trimming the damaged roots. Utilize a candle to seal the cut ends with wax, preventing them from shrinking. This simple step ensures a clean cut, promoting faster healing. Remember, if certain parts have dried naturally, there’s no need for additional treatments. Preservation of the healthy green portions is key to the orchid’s regeneration.

The Healing Elixir:
To kickstart the revival process, a concoction of half an aspirin 81mg tablet and the peel of a ripe banana is employed. The banana peel, rich in essential nutrients like calcium, potassium, phosphorus, and magnesium, serves as a catalyst for the orchid’s quick and robust recovery. After cutting the banana peel into pieces, immerse it in 500ml of boiled water. Cover the mixture and allow it to sit in a cool place for a day. Once infused, filter the water to extract the potent solution. Submerge the orchid in this nutrient-rich water for 30 minutes, facilitating absorption.

Creating a Nurturing Environment:
Enhance the recovery process by providing a nurturing environment for the orchid. Prepare a flower arrangement with drilled holes to optimize moisture retention, reducing the frequency of manual watering. Place the orchid in a glass of water containing the flower arrangement to maintain moisture. Add a layer of pine bark to the pot, creating a conducive substrate for growth. After assembling the components, spray water over the arrangement and cover it to shield from direct sunlight. This setup ensures a controlled and favorable environment for the orchid to thrive.

Reaping the Rewards:
Following 21 days of careful nurturing, small orchid plants begin to show signs of robust growth. Regularly spraying water during this period accelerates their development. After a span of 75 days, the orchids exhibit substantial growth, signaling their readiness for transplantation. With the new plants thriving, you can confidently replant them in an outdoor environment, allowing them to flourish further. This straightforward method offers an effective way to not only revive but also propagate orchids effortlessly.

This approach, incorporating simple yet effective techniques, ensures a successful revival and propagation of orchids, providing enthusiasts with a practical and accessible solution for their orchid care journey.