Is your orchid suffering from leaf and root rot? Fret not! Discover a new method that works wonders in restoring your orchids efficiently. Harnessing the antioxidant, antibacterial, and antiseptic properties of black tea, this solution provides an effective shield against fungi. Follow these steps to revive your orchids with rotten leaves and damaged roots.

Tea Treatment: A Natural Defense Against Fungi

Utilize black tea as a natural remedy for orchids with leaf and root rot. Mix a small spoonful of black tea with 400 ml of boiled water, cover, and allow it to cool. While waiting, promptly remove the very wet leaves from the orchid plant. Resist the urge to discard these seemingly damaged orchids, as recovery is surprisingly easy. After cutting off the damaged roots, wash them thoroughly. Once the tea has cooled, filter the water and spray it over the entire plant to effectively prevent fungi and bacteria. Place the orchid’s root in the tea-infused water for an hour.

Replanting and Moisture Maintenance: A Crucial Step

After an hour, replant the orchid in dry potting medium and refrain from watering for the next three days. To combat moisture loss due to the lack of roots, use plastic cups to cover the plant. Add moss to the cups and saturate them with water for 10 minutes, ensuring the planting material remains moist. After this, carefully remove the orchid. Going forward, water the plant sparingly to maintain moisture, avoiding overwatering. Place the orchid in a cool, well-lit area.

45 Days Later: Witnessing Healthy Growth

After patiently following this regimen for 45 days, you’ll observe remarkable results. The leaves will have regained their strength and turned green, and the roots will exhibit robust health. At this stage, introduce a mixture of 2 tablespoons of rice in 300 ml of water to further nurture the plants. This additional step contributes to the overall health and vitality of your rejuvenated orchids.

In conclusion, the method involving black tea has proven to be a fast and effective solution for orchids with rotten leaves and root damage. By following these steps, you can witness the transformation of your orchids from a state of decay to vibrant, healthy growth. Don’t discard seemingly damaged orchids; instead, give them a chance to thrive with this unexpected yet efficient method.