1. Preparing Dendro Orchid Cuttings: The Initial Steps

To facilitate the propagation of Dendro orchids, a straightforward method involves preparing dry branches. Begin by removing all leaves from these branches, leaving them in a cool place for 3 to 5 days. This step sets the stage for optimal conditions for the next phases of the propagation process.

2. Garlic Water Soak: A Natural Stimulant for Growth

Harnessing the growth-promoting properties of garlic, take 3 small garlic cloves and infuse them in 300 ml of boiled water. Cover the mixture and let it sit for 12 hours. Afterward, filter the garlic-infused water and add 700 ml of water. The resulting garlic water is utilized for soaking the dry stems for 30 minutes. This garlic water not only serves to disinfect the potting medium but also plays a role in nurturing the developing orchids.

3. Planting in Plastic Containers: Creating an Ideal Growing Environment

Utilizing plastic containers with air exchange holes, plant the orchids in a permanent position. Place these containers in a dry and cool environment. Watering is advised only when the growing medium becomes dry, enhancing moisture retention. Consistent spraying of water or misting contributes to the accelerated growth of the young orchids.

4. Repotting and Growth Progression: Achieving Successful Propagation

After 3 weeks of dedicated care, small orchid plants will display significant growth. Regular watering practices, along with continued misting, further foster their development. After 3 months, the orchids will have flourished, indicating the readiness for the next stage. At this point, the plants can be repotted using pine bark, facilitating easy and successful propagation. Separating each pot ensures that individual plants receive the necessary space and resources for continued growth.

In conclusion, following these simple steps enables enthusiasts to successfully propagate Dendro orchids. The use of garlic-infused water, strategic planting in plastic containers, and timely repotting contribute to a seamless and efficient process. With attention to detail and consistent care, anyone can enjoy the satisfaction of successfully breeding these beautiful orchids.