Trimming and Preparation:
Discover a quick and straightforward method to propagate and rejuvenate perennial orchids, especially those with a long trunk. Begin by removing old leaves from the orchid tree, ensuring a clean slate for the rejuvenation process. Cut away withered and lifeless roots, creating a healthy foundation for new growth.

Garlic Powder Miracle:
Harness the antibacterial and antiseptic properties of garlic powder to provide vital vitamins and nutrients for swift plant recovery. Mix 1 teaspoon of garlic powder with 1 liter of boiled water, allowing it to cool completely before use. This garlic-infused water serves as a potent fertilizer to spray on the entire plant, protecting against fungus and repelling insects. Boost orchid growth and increase resistance to fungal diseases by adding 6-7 tablespoons of this garlic fertilizer to each orchid.

Recycling for Moisture Balance:
Optimize moisture balance and root growth by repurposing used plastic bottles. Cut and soften the edges of the bottles over fire, creating a supportive structure for the orchid. Fix the bottle around the orchid base and secure it with tape. Introduce moisture to the plant by placing soft cotton in the bottle, misting the area every 4 days. Water the root part only when the potting medium is dry, fostering an environment conducive to healthy growth.

Successful Rejuvenation:
Permanently place the orchid in a cool, ventilated, and well-lit location. Employing this method for approximately two months results in the rapid growth of aerial roots. Witness the orchid’s quick recovery and the development of new, healthy roots. Once the aerial roots are plentiful and robust, confidently propagate the plant into a new pot, ensuring enhanced growth and development.

This simple and effective method, utilizing garlic powder and recycled materials, offers an easy way to propagate orchids and promote healthy root development. Embrace this approach to effortlessly rejuvenate your orchids and witness the remarkable results of this miracle powder in action.