Halting Watering for Fungus Reduction:
When orchids exhibit signs of weakened roots due to fungal issues, it’s crucial to take proactive measures to revive them. Before repotting, initiate a 5-day period without watering. This strategic pause helps reduce fungus in the roots effectively. The aim is to create an environment where the orchid can recover from the fungal attack and prepare for the upcoming revitalization process.

Potato Skin and Garlic Elixir for Nutrient Boost:
On the 5th day, a powerful elixir using potato skin and garlic comes into play. Potato skin, rich in vitamin C and various essential minerals like Calcium, Potassium, Phosphorus, and Magnesium, provides an antioxidant boost. Combined with garlic’s antibacterial properties, this elixir becomes a potent solution to sterilize and protect the orchid from fungi. The concoction involves crushing 10g of potato skin and one small clove of garlic, mixing it with 0.5 liters of room temperature water. Spraying this elixir evenly on the flowers and leaves provides essential nutrients, fostering accelerated growth in the orchid.

Repeating the Treatment for Optimal Results:
After spraying, water the planter to ensure the elixir seeps into the potting medium. After a mere 30 minutes, the orchid exhibits visible signs of recovery. This process can be repeated, as demonstrated by the orchid’s second treatment two weeks apart. The roots in the pot showcase significant growth, signaling the efficacy of the treatment. The overall goal is to transform underdeveloped and fungus-affected orchids into healthier, greener versions, preparing them for the next stage of growth.

Transplanting for Continued Development:
Once the orchid shows substantial recovery, it’s time to consider transplanting it into a new pot. Trimming faded and wilted flower portions becomes necessary, as they contain potassium. The use of potatoes and garlic has a direct impact on the quick development of flower sprouts. Removing the damaged roots and old potting medium is part of the process, but retaining the active core ensures robust growth. Transplanting into a new pot with fixed terracotta seeds facilitates rapid root development. Adequate watering and placing the potted plant in a cool environment ensure the orchid’s continued journey towards flourishing health and accelerated growth.