Cutting and Preparing the Orchid Roots

When faced with deteriorating orchids, don’t hastily discard them. Begin the restoration process by carefully examining the dry and damaged roots. Precisely cut off the affected roots, leaving only the healthy parts intact. Utilizing the skin of an onion, known for its properties that stimulate root development, cut it into small pieces and brew it in 1 liter of boiling water. This onion peel water will serve as a potent solution to aid the orchid in recovering and fostering the growth of new, healthy roots.

Soaking and Greening the Roots

Immerse the orchid roots in the onion peel water for 25 minutes, allowing the roots to absorb the beneficial properties. As a result, the previously dry roots will undergo a remarkable transformation, turning green and rejuvenated. Once soaked, gently wipe the orchid dry, preparing it for the next phase of the revival process.

Creating a Supportive Environment for Growth

Construct a supportive structure using a plastic bottle cut to accommodate the orchid’s base. Insert soft cotton pads into the bottle and position the orchid on top. Gradually add water to the bottle, ensuring that it touches the roots. This innovative method encourages the roots to absorb water, providing crucial support for the orchid’s overall recovery. Employ mist irrigation every three days to maintain optimal conditions for root development.

Witnessing Healthy Growth and Ready for Replanting

After one month of consistent care, the orchid’s roots will exhibit robust and healthy growth. The once struggling orchid will experience a revival, with small plants flourishing. This straightforward and effective method offers a reliable way to revive orchids, providing the opportunity to replant them confidently. Adding moss to the pot enhances moisture retention, creating an environment conducive to the orchid’s continued growth.

By adopting these simple steps, anyone can breathe new life into their orchids, witnessing the miraculous transformation from a wilted state to vibrant, thriving plants.