Utilizing Discarded Orchids for Propagation:
Discover a straightforward method to propagate orchids using water, making it accessible to everyone. Start with an abandoned orchid, often considered beyond revival. Identify nodes from which new orchids can grow, marking potential spots for propagation. To expedite the process, use skin glue on the cuts, ensuring quick drying and preventing atrophy. This initial step sets the foundation for the orchid’s successful propagation.

Onion Juice for Shoot Stimulation:
Harness the antibacterial and antiseptic properties of onions to stimulate robust shoot growth. Mix half an onion with 500ml of water, creating an onion juice solution. Immerse orchid branches in the onion juice for 20 minutes, allowing the solution to permeate and invigorate the branches. This natural concoction serves as a catalyst for the orchid’s overall strength and vitality.

Water Propagation Using a Sponge:
Explore an innovative water propagation method by employing a simple household item—the sponge. After soaking orchid branches in the onion juice, affix the old orchid branches to the sponge. Place the sponge with attached branches in a water bowl, allowing it to float on the water’s surface. Regularly change the water to maintain cleanliness and create an optimal environment for growth. Within a month, witness the emergence of small orchids sprouting from the old branches, signifying successful water propagation.

Growth and Separation of New Orchids:
After a month of water propagation, observe the flourishing growth of small orchids and healthy root development. Change the water to sustain favorable conditions and encourage continuous growth. The two-month mark showcases substantial progress, with the small orchids thriving. At this stage, separate the orchids and transplant them for enhanced growth. Employ materials like styrofoam, pine bark, and moss for replanting, creating a suitable environment for the propagated orchids.

Unlock the ease of propagating orchids at home through this simple water-based method. By repurposing discarded orchids, using natural stimulants like onion juice, and incorporating household items like sponges, you can effortlessly cultivate a thriving orchid garden.