1. Cutting and Preserving the Leaf:
When faced with a rotting orchid, salvaging the remaining healthy leaf is crucial for revival. Begin by cutting off the damaged roots, ensuring only the healthy leaf is retained. This lone leaf becomes a vital gateway for the plant to receive essential nutrients and absorb carbon dioxide from the air. To support its recovery, thoroughly wash the leaf and proceed to the next step.

2. Charcoal Treatment for Bacterial Protection:
Combatting bacteria and shielding the orchid from fungi is paramount for successful revival. Utilize charcoal, known for its antibacterial properties. Mix a small spoonful of charcoal powder with 0.5 liters of filtered water. Soak the roots in this charcoal-infused water for 30 minutes. The antibacterial properties of charcoal contribute significantly to the plant’s defense against harmful microorganisms.

3. Potting with Clay Seeds and Plastic Cup Cover:
Create a conducive environment for the orchid’s recovery by potting it with clay seeds. Allow the base of the plant to protrude from the pot surface, providing the necessary space for growth. Cover the orchid with a small plastic cup, fixing it securely with clamps. The absence of holes in the cup ensures optimal air exchange. For the first week, withhold watering the growing medium and roots. Subsequently, administer minimal water every two days to maintain ideal moisture levels.

4. Patience for Healthy Roots and New Growth:
Patience is key during the revival process. After 45 days, signs of successful revival become apparent, with small trees showing promising growth. Understandably, roots may initially focus on recovery rather than extensive growth. Continue misting the leaves every two days to support the plant in maintaining adequate moisture. As the roots develop, prepare to separate and transplant the orchid into a new pot. This step facilitates better growth and performance in an external environment.

This step-by-step guide provides a practical approach to reviving orchids with only one leaf remaining. By carefully preserving the healthy leaf, employing charcoal treatment for protection, and ensuring proper potting techniques, you set the stage for successful orchid revival. With patience and attentive care, your orchid will not only recover but thrive in its new, healthier state.