Maintaining the health of Vanda orchids is simplified with a straightforward watering routine. Every 10 days, ensure the orchid receives a thorough watering session for 30 minutes. For any yellowing leaves, promptly trim them away to facilitate optimal growth. Given the unique characteristic of Vanda orchids lacking a traditional growing medium, a regular misting regimen every 2 days ensures the necessary humidity, preventing leaf wilting.

Onion Peel Elixir: Boosting Growth and Resilience

Harness the growth-promoting properties of onion peels to invigorate your orchids. Simply place the peels of two onions in 1 liter of boiling water, allowing it to cool afterward. This organic concoction acts as a potent defense against pests like thrips, mealybugs, and spider mites. It also contributes to the orchid’s overall resilience. When repotting a Vanda orchid that has been devoid of flowers for an extended period, trim away damaged and dry roots. Submerge the roots in the onion peel water for 30 minutes, encouraging faster growth.

Application for Robust Roots and Foliage

To further stimulate growth during the replanting process, spray the orchid with the onion peel water. This application ensures a faster generation of new roots and aids in protecting the plant from potential fungal threats. Applying this method every 15 days maintains a robust defense against insects, keeping the leaves shielded and vibrant. However, it’s essential to refrain from directly spraying this mixture on the flowers to prevent any adverse effects.

Final Stabilization for Flourishing Orchids

Conclude the orchid care routine by placing the plant in a pot and refraining from watering for the next 3 days. This brief period allows the plant to stabilize after the various nurturing steps, setting the stage for sustained health and vibrant blooming. Position the orchid in a well-lit area to facilitate optimal photosynthesis, ensuring greener leaves and the continuous emergence of beautiful, brilliant flowers. This systematic approach provides a straightforward yet effective method for cultivating thriving Vanda orchids throughout the year.