Root Rehabilitation: A Fresh Start
When faced with a fungus-infected orchid, it’s crucial to take immediate action. Cease watering and isolate the affected plant to prevent the spread of the fungus to healthy ones. Discard the old growing medium, as it likely harbors the fungus, and carefully inspect the orchid’s roots. Trim away any damaged roots and remove afflicted leaves, creating a clean slate for the plant’s recovery.

Garlic Water Magic: Natural Antifungal Shield
A simple and effective solution to combat fungus is garlic water. Crush a clove of garlic and add it to 0.5 liters of water, letting it steep for a day. After ensuring the orchid’s roots are completely dry from the previous day’s treatment, immerse them in this garlic-infused water for 30 minutes. This process not only protects against fungal infections but also acts as a powerful antibacterial agent, fostering a healthier environment for the orchid to thrive.

Leaf Cleansing and Protection: Regular Garlic Water Applications
To maintain the orchid’s resilience against fungus, filter the garlic water daily and use it to wipe the leaves. This simple yet effective method shields the leaves from potential fungal threats, ensuring that when replanted, the orchid recovers rapidly, with vibrant and healthy leaves. The garlic water can also be sprayed directly on the plant every 15 days, offering additional protection against common orchid pests such as thrips, mealybugs, and molds.

Vibrant Blooms and Healthy Roots: Continued Care
Incorporating garlic water in your orchid care routine provides numerous benefits beyond fungal protection. Rich in potassium, garlic promotes rapid growth of flower branches and maintains healthy roots. Watering the base of the plant with garlic-infused water ensures the roots receive essential vitamins and nutrients, contributing to a balanced pH level. After the 30-minute treatment, relocate the orchid to a well-lit area, avoiding direct sunlight. The result? Orchids that boast abundant flowers, lush green leaves, and an overall thriving presence.

In conclusion, this straightforward approach to orchid care, particularly in the face of fungal challenges, proves remarkably effective. Regular applications of garlic water not only shield your orchids from potential threats but also stimulate robust growth and sustained blooms. Remember to add a touch of moss during replanting to aid in moisture retention, completing the recipe for vibrant, fungus-free orchids.