Harnessing the Power of Sprouted Onions for Orchid Growth

To ensure a constant display of blooming flowers in your orchid garden, creating a multitude of small orchids is key. The sprouted purple onion emerges as an unexpected yet miraculous solution, packed with essential vitamins and nutrients such as Calcium, Potassium, Phosphorus, and organic sulfur. The richness in Vitamins A, C, and E facilitates rapid root development and sprout growth in orchids.

Preparing Onion Juice for Orchid Propagation

Begin the process by pouring 300ml of room temperature water over the sprouted onions and letting them soak for a day. Choose green and healthy flowers, removing the outer shell to facilitate optimal sprout growth. Utilize the onion juice obtained from the soaking process to immerse the orchid branch for a quick 5-minute dip. Applying healing glue to the cut ensures a swift drying process, preventing rot during propagation.

Turmeric Water and Moss: Enhancing Orchid Propagation Medium

Introduce turmeric powder by dissolving a teaspoon in water and soaking moss for 10 minutes. This not only provides antibacterial and disinfectant properties to the moss but also aids in pathogen removal. After draining off excess water, replant the orchid with moss and ensure regular watering and misting to maintain soil moisture.

From Sprouts to Full Bloom: Nurturing Orchids with Care

After just one month, witness the development of small sprouts, signaling successful orchid propagation. Regular watering and misting contribute to a nurturing environment, fostering the growth of these small trees. By the third month, the orchids have flourished, prompting the need to transplant them into a new pot with fresh moss. Gradually expose the plants to light to facilitate photosynthesis and help them acclimate to their new environment with ease.

By incorporating sprouted onions into your orchid care routine, you unlock a miraculous method that not only aids immediate root development but also ensures a continuous display of blooming flowers throughout the year. Follow these simple steps, and your orchids will thrive in their new, flourishing state.