Nutrient-Rich DIY Fertilizer: A Complete Guide

Embark on a journey to care for your orchids at home with a revolutionary organic fertilizer. This video introduces a new method that promises to enhance your orchid care routine. Stay tuned to discover valuable tips and tricks for nurturing your orchids by watching the entire video on the channel.

Eggshells and Beetroot Blend: A Potent Fertilizer Recipe

To create this powerful fertilizer, start with 1 tablespoon of crushed eggshells. Add 500ml of boiled water to the mix. Incorporate nutrient-rich beetroot, known for its potassium, phosphorus, nitrogen, and vitamin B12 content—an excellent formula for promoting the healthy growth of plants and flowers. Soak the eggshells and beets for a day to dissolve the nutrients in water. After filtering out the residue, add water to create a 3-liter liquid fertilizer solution.

Balancing Act: Potassium and Calcium Boost

Water your orchids with this nutrient-rich solution, allowing them to absorb natural potassium from the beets easily. Potassium plays a crucial role in balancing water and ions, controlling stomatal activity, and preventing excessive water loss. The addition of eggshells provides natural calcium, ensuring the orchids stay healthy and resistant. This monthly ritual is particularly beneficial during the flowering period, supplementing nutrition and boosting resistance.

Foliar Nourishment: Spraying for Vibrancy

Pour the liquid fertilizer into a spray bottle and generously spray the entire orchid plant. This foliar fertilization method, similar to using foliar fertilizer, ensures that calcium from eggshells and nutrients from beets contribute to the development of green parts and enhance the orchid’s photosynthesis ability.

Leaf Care for Radiance: A Clean and Beautiful Result

Continue the care routine by using the liquid fertilizer to clean the top and bottom of the orchid leaves. This process removes dirt, keeping the leaf surface clean and cool. Simultaneously, it eliminates fungi and bacteria, preserving the orchid leaves’ beauty and shine. After a month of consistent use, observe the remarkable growth of orchid roots and new roots, leading to thicker, healthier flowers with an abundance of brightly blooming flower buds.

Using this type of fertilizer ensures that your orchids remain beautiful, and your garden consistently blooms with vibrant colors. Each orchid species will bloom multiple times a year, making it an efficient and effective care routine. Be cautious not to over-fertilize with potassium, as excessive amounts may lead to shrunken roots and small, unattractive leaves. Applying this fertilizer once a month is sufficient for optimal orchid care.