Rescuing Rotten Orchids:
When faced with the dilemma of rotting orchids, there’s a simple and accessible method to revive them. Don’t be too hasty to discard these plants, especially if the leaves are still green. The first step involves cutting off all the damaged roots and meticulously cleaning the remaining healthy roots. Preserve the viable parts of the flower branches by trimming and retaining them. The key lies in utilizing the peel of an onion to concoct a revitalizing solution. This easy-to-follow technique ensures a quick and healthy recovery for your orchids.

Onion Water Soak:
To create the onion-infused solution, cut the peel of an onion and soak it in 1 liter of water. Cover the mixture and let it sit in a cool place for 12 hours. Following this period, filter the water and use it to thoroughly wash the entire orchid plant. The onion water acts as a catalyst for recovery, promoting quick and healthy growth. After washing, allow the orchids to air-dry before proceeding with the next steps. The onion water not only aids in orchid rejuvenation but also serves as a disinfectant for the growing medium.

Replanting Orchids for Restoration:
After washing and drying, place the orchid in the refrigerator. Submerge the orchid’s base in the remaining onion water for 25 minutes. This water not only covers the base but also disinfects the growing medium. Once the orchid is taken out, use dry bark to help the plant absorb moisture. Utilize mist irrigation for regular watering, ensuring not to overwater as the plant is still developing new roots. Employ plastic cups with air exchange holes to maintain moisture while preventing root rot. Keep the orchid in a cool, dry place with ample light. The results, visible after a month, showcase healthy roots and vibrant, sturdy young leaves.

Successful Restoration for Outdoor Growth:
With this straightforward method, your orchids are ready for a new lease on life. The maintained humidity contributes to the development of robust roots and flourishing leaves. Now, confidently replant the orchids outdoors, providing them with an environment conducive to further growth. As you explore various orchid care methods, remember to check out other techniques I share, providing a plethora of options for you to choose from and adapt to your orchids’ unique needs. Whether it’s reusing plastic cups or incorporating a bit of moss, these additional steps ensure a comprehensive approach to orchid revival.