In this video, we explore an eco-friendly approach to orchid care by recycling organic waste into a powerful fertilizer. This method not only contributes to sustainable living but also aids in promoting the health and continuous blooming of orchids. One surprising yet effective ingredient for this fertilizer is shrimp shells, an often-overlooked material from the kitchen.

Preparing Shrimp Shell Fertilizer

To create the shrimp shell fertilizer, begin by thoroughly washing the shrimp shells multiple times to remove any saltiness. Once cleaned, dry and crisp the shells in a pan to make grinding easier. The ground shrimp shell powder, rich in calcium, becomes a key component for the growth and development of orchids. Mixing one spoon of shrimp shell powder with one liter of water and letting it cool for a day forms the base of the organic fertilizer.

Method 1: Absorbent Cotton Application

The first application method involves using cotton to absorb water from the liquid fertilizer and wiping both the top and bottom of the orchid leaves. This helps repel insects, protects against fungal and bacterial attacks, and ensures the leaves receive complete vitamins and nutrients. Applying this method 1 to 2 times a month supports photosynthesis, keeping orchid leaves green and healthy.

Method 2: Orchid Mist with Liquid Fertilizer

The second method entails misting the orchid with the liquid fertilizer. This involves spraying the entire orchid, washing away dirt and insects while disinfecting the entire plant. This method supports rapid metabolism, contributing to optimal orchid growth. Applying this mist 1 to 2 times a month enhances the overall health of the plant.

Method 3: Fertilizing Orchid Pots with Shrimp Shell Water

The third method involves fertilizing orchid pots directly with shrimp shell water. Shrimp shells, being a natural source of calcium, contribute to strong orchid cell structures, especially in leaves and flowers. This method promotes shiny and healthy orchid leaves, ensuring continuous blooming and brighter flowers. Doing this 1-2 times a month supplements essential nutrients for orchids.

Remarkable Results

After 2 to 3 applications of the shrimp shell fertilizer, observe the transformative results. Orchid roots grow significantly stronger, absorbing enough water and nutrients to produce an abundance of healthy flowers. The flowers are plump, vibrant, and stay on the branches for an extended period before fading. This simple and sustainable method with shrimp shells proves to be a miraculous solution for reviving weak orchids and ensuring they bloom endlessly.