Caring for orchids at home becomes a delight when you have a variety of organic fertilizer options. In this video, new methods for nurturing your orchids are shared. Before you start, make sure to watch the entire video to catch every tip on the channel.

The Ingredients: Eggshells and Onions

To create this special fertilizer, begin with eggshells. Add 400ml of boiled water and let the eggshells soak in it overnight. The next day, incorporate the power of onions by adding two to the mixture. Onions, rich in calcium, potassium, phosphorus, and magnesium, bring antibacterial and antiseptic properties to the fertilizer.

Method One: Root Watering

This first method involves watering the orchid roots with the prepared solution. The natural calcium from eggshells proves beneficial for orchid health, enhancing their resistance. The onion’s content of auxin and vitamin B1 stimulates root and shoot growth, especially during flowering. Regular application, 1-2 times a month, protects roots from fungi and bacteria.

Method Two: Foliar Fertilizing

Similar to foliar fertilizer, the second method requires spraying the entire orchid plant with the organic mixture. The calcium from eggshells contributes to orchid health and pest resistance. Onions, with their disinfecting properties, boost the plant’s defenses against pests. This method aids in growing green parts, increasing photosynthesis in orchids.

Method Three: Leaf Surface Treatment

For the third method, clean the top and bottom of orchid leaves with the liquid fertilizer. This ensures a clean and cool leaf surface, effectively killing fungi, insects, and harmful bacteria. Regular application, 1-2 times a month, keeps the leaves green and disease-free.

The Results: Thriving Orchids

After a month of using this homemade organic fertilizer, witness the remarkable development of orchid roots. This method facilitates maximum nutrient absorption through the roots, resulting in thicker, healthier flowers. Enjoy the abundance of flower buds on each branch, with brighter and longer-lasting blooms. Incorporating these simple yet effective methods into your orchid care routine ensures a flourishing and vibrant orchid collection.