Addressing Fungal Woes:
When faced with ailing orchids afflicted by fungus, a simple remedy involves the use of garlic. This potent natural ingredient possesses strong antibacterial properties, making it an effective organic solution. To initiate the healing process, prepare a garlic solution by mincing two cloves and placing them in 350ml of filtered water. Allow the mixture to sit for a day, ensuring that the garlic extracts its beneficial properties into the water.

Halting Watering to Combat Fungus:
Recognizing the importance of controlling humidity when orchids suffer from fungus is crucial. Ceasing watering is the initial step in preventing further growth of bacteria and fungi. As the leaves begin to exhibit signs of distress such as wrinkling, it’s essential to take immediate action. Start by removing the old media and cutting away dry roots, followed by a thorough wash to cleanse the orchid and prepare it for the revival process.

Garlic Juice Application for Healing:
The next phase involves utilizing the garlic solution. Applying garlic juice to the leaves serves as a natural and effective method to combat fungal infections. The garlic-infused water not only addresses existing issues but also acts as a preventive measure, as the distinct odor of garlic deters the growth of insects. Additionally, immersing the orchid roots in garlic water for 30 minutes further aids in eradicating fungal concerns.

Revitalization and Growth:
After the garlic treatment, allow the orchid to hang upside down in a cool environment for a day without watering. This promotes the drying of root scratches, a crucial step in the recovery process. To ensure a sanitized planting environment, soak pine bark in garlic water for a day and then let it dry. Once the roots are dry, safely replant the orchid. Daily misting of the leaves and roots helps the plant retain moisture, promoting overall health. After two months of consistent care, witness the remarkable recovery as the orchid leaves stretch back, new leaves emerge, and a profusion of new roots signals a successful revival.

Reviving orchids need not be a complex task. The natural antibacterial properties of garlic offer a simple yet powerful solution to fungal issues. By following this step-by-step guide, anyone can bring their once-ailing orchids back to life, witnessing the gradual return of vibrancy and health in the form of new leaves and roots.