Garden Propagation with Dead Flower Branches:
Explore a simple yet effective method to propagate orchids, ensuring your garden always has thriving seedlings even from dead flower branches. This technique provides additional options for orchid propagation, allowing you to make the most of each branch’s potential for growth.

Beetroot’s Nutrient-Rich Contribution:
Discover the nutrient-rich properties of beetroot, containing essential vitamins and minerals such as B1, B6, and B12. These nutrients are vital for the growth of orchids. The peel of one red beetroot, rich in plant stimulants called AUXIN, facilitates healthy root growth and aids in the natural formation of small orchid trees. With the addition of pureed water, this solution becomes a potent tool for orchid care.

Beetroot Water Application:
Implement beetroot water to nourish your orchids comprehensively. Soak the orchid pot in beetroot water for 20 minutes, allowing the plant to absorb nutrients through the roots. Use a soaked cotton pad to wipe the underside of orchid leaves, promoting nutrient absorption and eliminating pests and diseases. This method not only ensures the orchid leaves are protected and healthier but also aids in the regeneration of small plants.

Encouraging Growth and Transplanting:
When flower branches fade, avoid immediate cutting, as unbloomed locations may contain small sprouts or new flower branches. Cut off only the dead flowers and use scar glue to prevent branch drying. Soak cotton pads in beetroot juice and place them in locations containing small sprouts to stimulate rapid regeneration. After three weeks, the small sprouts grow well, and misting is sufficient to keep them moist. After two months, the small tree and roots have grown quickly. Transplant into a new pot for better growth in an outdoor environment. Provide adequate nutrition for optimal absorption through the roots and transport to the trunk to feed small sprouts, using water from beetroot rind every two weeks.

Embark on this efficient orchid care journey, utilizing the natural properties of beetroot to ensure year-round blooming. The method, requiring just 1 cup per month, fosters both healthy roots and vibrant flowers in your orchid garden.