Cinnamon Solution for Root Restoration:
When faced with the challenge of a rotten Dendro orchid, the solution lies in a simple yet magical approach. Begin by carefully removing damaged roots from the orchid. The key ingredient here is cinnamon powder, known for its beneficial properties not only for orchidsut also for various plants. Mix a tablespoon of cinnamon powder in 0.5 liters of boiled water, allowing it to cool before application. This cinnamon-infused water acts as a potent remedy, promoting both the immediate cessation of rot and the overall health of the orchid.

Comprehensive Application for Green and Healthy Leaves:
Extend the benefits of cinnamon water beyond root care to ensure your orchids boast green and healthy leaves. After treating the affected orchid, utilize the remaining cinnamon water to care for other plants. This method acts as an effective shield against fungi and bacteria, fostering rapid and robust leaf growth. Apply this comprehensive solution once a month to all your orchids, providing them with a protective layer against common issues.

Potting Medium Treatment and Plant Care Routine:
To address the aftermath of cutting off rotten parts, incorporate cinnamon powder into the potting medium. By strategically placing the powder and fixing it with small sticks, you create an environment that halts further rot. Allow the orchid to rest in a dry potting medium and moss for five days without watering. After this period, provide just enough moisture for the plants. Additionally, mist the orchids every four days and cover them with plastic cups to deter insect growth and enhance humidity maintenance.

Visible Results and Ongoing Care:
Witness the transformation after 35 days and three months, as the orchid displays significant growth and health improvements. The roots, in particular, exhibit robust development. As a result of this simple yet effective method, there’s no longer a need for covering the plants. Allow them to gradually receive light, fostering a healthier and more vibrant orchid environment. This cinnamon magic offers a holistic solution for reviving rotten orchids and maintaining their well-being over time.

Implementing this magical cinnamon-based approach ensures the revival of rotten orchids and contributes to the sustained health and growth of your orchid collection. With its ease of application and visible results, this method becomes an invaluable tool in your orchid care repertoire.