Discover a new organic fertilizer to enhance the health of your orchids at home. By repurposing rice water from cooking, this method provides an eco-friendly option for plant care. Incorporating honey into the mix adds antibacterial properties and essential nutrients, creating an effective homemade fertilizer to boost orchid growth.

Making the Homemade Fertilizer

Reuse rice water by filtering it after washing rice. Add enough water to create a 2-liter solution. Enhance the mixture by incorporating 1 teaspoon of honey. This simple yet potent fertilizer serves as a versatile solution for caring for orchids at home, fostering healthier plant growth.

Methods of Application

  1. Cleaning the Leaf Surface:
  • Wipe the top and bottom of orchid leaves thoroughly with the liquid fertilizer.
  • Removes insects and protects leaves from fungal diseases and harmful insects.
  • Provides necessary nutrients through the leaves, promoting clear stomata for improved photosynthesis.
  1. Misting the Orchid:
  • Use a mist spray bottle to apply the fertilizer to the entire orchid.
  • Similar to foliar fertilizer, this method utilizes the richness of rice in polyphenols, calcium, magnesium, and vitamins.
  • Honey acts as a natural antibacterial disinfectant, fostering overall orchid health from root to tip.
  1. Watering the Orchid Roots:
  • Directly water the orchid roots with the liquid fertilizer.
  • The rice water and honey combination supplements nutrients and amino acids beneficial for orchid growth.
  • Rice promotes the growth of beneficial microorganisms, protecting orchid roots from rot, while honey enhances resistance to pests.

Visible Results: Healthy Roots and Prolific Blooms

After applying this homemade fertilizer, observe the transformation in your orchids. The tree develops numerous new roots, absorbing enough water and nutrients to support the growth of strong and plump new shoots. The orchid blooms multiple flowers simultaneously, maintaining its health and vibrancy. Flowers linger on the branches for an extended period, showcasing a more prolonged and colorful display.

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