Discover an unconventional yet highly successful way to propagate and restore orchids with damaged roots. If your orchid’s roots are compromised but the leaves remain green, there’s hope. Resist the urge to remove all damaged roots and carefully trim only the visibly damaged parts, leaving the still-green sections intact.

Rice and Garlic Solution: A Nutrient-Rich Blend

Prepare a nutrient-rich solution using 2 tablespoons of rice in 400ml of water. This mixture, rich in calcium, potassium, phosphorus, and magnesium, serves as an excellent foundation for orchid restoration. Add three cloves of garlic for their antioxidant, antibacterial, and antiseptic properties. After covering the rice water with garlic, let it sit for 3 hours. Once ready, filter the water and use it to clean the leaves thoroughly.

Organic Mixture for Leaf Recovery: Effective and Natural

The organic mixture derived from rice and garlic water provides essential vitamins and nutrients for quick leaf recovery while preventing fungi and bacteria effectively. Place the orchid’s roots in this mixture for 25 minutes. Take advantage of the remaining solution to care for other growing plants, ensuring strong and green leaves while protecting them from infections.

Watering and Root Encouragement: Promoting Strong Growth

After 25 minutes, carefully remove the orchid, dry the roots, and place it in a plastic bottle. Add water until it touches the base of the plant. Adjust the water level as needed, replacing it if it becomes dirty. Mist the orchid every 3 days to maintain optimal moisture. After a month, observe the remarkable results – green and healthy leaves, well-developed roots, and a successfully restored orchid. This method offers a straightforward approach to breathing new life into damaged orchids, making restoration easy and effective.