1. Optimal Placement for Year-Round Blooms

To ensure year-round blooms, start by strategically placing your orchid in a well-lit location, such as a balcony, window, or under eaves. It’s crucial to strike a balance—provide adequate light while protecting the orchid from direct sunlight and strong winds. This initial step sets the foundation for healthy growth and continuous flowering.

2. Garlic-infused Water for Orchid Vitality

Enhance the vitality of your orchid with a simple garlic-infused water treatment. Utilize four cloves of garlic in one liter of water, allowing it to sit in a dark place for a day. After filtering the water, administer it to the orchid every 15 days. This garlic concoction serves as a natural disinfectant and promotes robust growth. Leaving the water on the plant for 20 minutes allows the orchid to absorb the beneficial nutrients, contributing to its overall health.

3. Nutrient Boost with Fresh Milk

An unexpected addition to orchid care involves incorporating a nutrient-rich mixture of unsweetened fresh milk and water. Combine 20ml of unsweetened fresh milk with 40ml of water, and use this blend to wipe the orchid’s leaves. This practice, when performed every 15 days, safeguards the plant from fungi and bacteria. The underside of the leaves, in particular, benefits from this method, ensuring the orchid receives comprehensive vitamins and nutrients, resulting in consistently green and healthy foliage.

4. Repotting and Maintenance Routine

To maintain the orchid’s flourishing state, consider repotting the plant every two years. During the repotting process, utilize the previously prepared garlic juice to clean the leaves thoroughly. This step not only safeguards the leaves from potential fungal issues but also ensures a smooth and healthy transition during the replanting process. After repotting, water the orchid with just enough moisture to keep the soil damp. Following this straightforward care routine will contribute to the orchid’s resilience, vibrant appearance, and non-stop blooming throughout the year.