Propagation of orchids from flower branches is a common practice, but maintaining the vitality of these branches during the process is crucial. This new method ensures success in growing small orchids in your garden.

Creating Air-Exchange Friendly Containers:

To start, cut a used plastic bottle, leaving a portion intact, and create small holes in it using sharp sticks. These holes facilitate better air exchange for the flower branches. When selecting flower positions for propagation, avoid solely choosing locations with existing small sprouts, as they may hinder the process. Instead, lightly cut and remove the shell to reveal the area that will give rise to small seedlings.

Ensuring Hygienic Conditions:

Hygiene is key in preventing infections during propagation. Apply 3% hydrogen peroxide directly on the cuts with a cotton pad. To expedite drying and avoid dehydration, use a small candle to apply wax evenly around the cut. This meticulous approach safeguards against drying out during the propagation of flower branches.

Creating a Miniature Greenhouse for Optimal Growth:

Using clay seeds in a partially submerged pot creates a conducive environment for the small orchids to thrive. Fix the small sprout in place with adhesive tape and maintain moisture by adding water when necessary. Placing the container in a cool, ventilated, and well-lit area ensures the flower branch stays moist and promotes successful revival.

Transferring and Repotting for Continued Growth:

After 45 days, as the small tree begins to develop roots, move it to an external environment. Repot the orchid using moss or coconut fiber in small pots for easier growth. Regular watering is essential to keep the plants moist. As the roots lengthen, transplant to larger pots to facilitate even faster growth.

This innovative method provides a reliable approach to propagate orchids from flower branches, offering a path to the successful cultivation of small, vibrant orchids in your garden.