To propagate dendro orchids from dry plants, a simple and effective method can be employed. The following steps outline the process to obtain small, fast-growing orchids from rootless plants.

Separation and Root Removal: A Crucial First Step

Begin by separating the dry orchid plants from the pot. Once separated, carefully cut off all the roots and thoroughly wash the plants. This crucial step sets the foundation for the propagation process, allowing the orchids to develop new, healthy roots.

Garlic and Aloe: Natural Boosters for Growth

For an added natural boost, use a small clove of garlic on the cut areas. Garlic possesses antibacterial properties, promoting a healthy environment for orchid growth. Additionally, apply a small amount of aloe sap from a small aloe plant. Rich in minerals such as Calcium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Magnesium, and B vitamins, aloe sap contributes to the orchids’ vitality. Salicylic acid in aloe sap acts similarly to Aspirin, providing antibacterial and antiseptic benefits. Allow the treated orchids to dry for optimal effectiveness.

Creating a Suitable Environment: Potting and Maintenance

Prepare a small plastic bottle by cutting it across and leaving drainage holes at the bottom. Add a layer of moss to maintain moisture. Place the treated orchids in the bottle, fixing them securely. Water and mist the orchids every three days to keep the environment moist. Position the plants in a cool place. Following this method for approximately two months will result in the revival of small trees with robust, healthy roots.

Transplanting for Continued Growth: Ensuring Outdoor Success

Once the small trees have thrived with healthy roots, it’s safe to transplant them into new pots. Plant them with charcoal and moss to provide a suitable environment for continued growth. Fix the orchids in the new pots, adding a layer of moss for moisture retention. This careful transplanting process ensures that the orchids can grow faster in their new outdoor environment.

By following these straightforward steps, you can effortlessly propagate orchids from rootless plants. This method not only rejuvenates dry orchids but also sets the stage for their continued growth and development in a new and vibrant environment.