1. Exploring Diverse Propagation Methods for Dendro Orchids:
Dendro orchids, known for their variety, offer numerous propagation techniques. Small plants may naturally sprout from the tree base or atop dry branches. However, these naturally occurring growths can be sluggish. In this guide, we delve into a method to efficiently propagate Dendro orchids from their stems, promoting the swift development of these small plants into thriving trees.

2. Harnessing Garlic’s Antibacterial Properties for Protection:
Garlic, esteemed for its potent antibacterial and antiseptic attributes, plays a crucial role in safeguarding the propagation process. Applied to the cut stems, garlic forms a protective layer that prevents dehydration during the growth phase. Additionally, the inclusion of a small piece of aloe vera capitalizes on its growth-stimulating properties, aiding in the generation of sprouts and ensuring the stem remains adequately hydrated.

3. Creating an Optimal Environment for Orchid Growth:
The propagation journey involves creating a conducive environment using candle wax, two plastic cups, and moss. This setup provides the necessary conditions for placing orchids and facilitating their revival. Regular watering and misting sessions are incorporated to maintain the ideal moisture levels. After a span of three months, during which the potted orchids are securely positioned to limit movement, the small trees show signs of revival and robust growth.

4. Ensuring Continued Health and Growth in the New Environment:
As the small orchid trees flourish, the transition to a new growing environment becomes pivotal. Replanting the trees with a mixture of pine bark and moss aids in retaining moisture essential for their well-being. The freshly planted trees find a home in a cool, well-lit location, and maintaining humidity by spraying water every two days ensures robust root development. This propagation method, with careful attention to protection and optimal conditions, yields successful growth, marking the completion of the orchid propagation cycle.