1. Unconventional Planting Medium:
To foster abundant and vibrant orchid growth, consider an unconventional planting method that ditches traditional pots. Employ used foam sheets and three bricks to create an optimal environment. Bricks, known for moisture retention without being overly wet, provide a suitable base for quick orchid development. This innovative approach opens up possibilities for cultivating orchids in a space-efficient manner.

2. Pruning and Preparation:
Begin the process by selecting three orchids for grafting. Remove the old planting material, preserving a portion of the moss to assist in plant moisturization. Prune away damaged roots and leaves, ensuring a clean start. Harness the power of garlic, a natural source of vitamins and nutrients with antibacterial and antiseptic properties. Crush a small clove and infuse it in filtered water to create a garlic juice solution. This solution serves as a powerful disinfectant, aiding orchids in adapting to their new environment and promoting healthy rooting.

3. Secure Fixation and Watering Technique:
Securely fix each orchid in the designated area using a drawstring. This fixation ensures stability, allowing the orchids to root quickly. Wipe the leaves with a soft cloth to maintain cleanliness and hygiene. Arrange the orchids parallel to each other for optimal growth. Introduce small pebbles to the planting area, ensuring efficient water drainage. Water the orchids to maintain a consistently moist potting medium. Place the setup in a cool, well-ventilated space with ample light. Adhering to a watering schedule ensures the orchids thrive in their potless environment.

4. Nutrient Alternatives for Accelerated Growth:
As the roots begin to grow and integrate with the potting medium, alternate between nutrient-rich sources to sustain rapid orchid growth. Options like banana juice, tap water, rice water, or eggshell powder-infused water can be used for bi-weekly fertilization. This diverse nutrient supply encourages robust growth, providing the orchids with the essential elements needed for flourishing blooms.

In summary, embracing the technique of growing orchids without pots presents an inventive and efficient way to cultivate these resilient plants. From preparing an unconventional planting medium to utilizing garlic juice for disinfection and implementing a strategic fixation method, this approach offers a unique perspective on nurturing orchids for prolific growth and blooming.