1. Identifying Leaf Rot: A Common Challenge

Reviving an orchid suffering from leaf rot requires a straightforward approach. Leaf rot often occurs due to a very moist growing medium, a condition that fosters the rapid decay of orchids. The first step is to meticulously inspect the roots, ensuring that any part still exhibiting greenness indicates a healthy condition suitable for recovery. By understanding the root condition, we pave the way for a quick and simple rehabilitation process.

2. Garlic Magic: An Easy Solution for Recovery

Reviving the orchid involves the magical properties of garlic. A single crushed clove of garlic mixed with 500 ml of water forms a potent solution. By immersing the orchid roots in this garlic-infused water and allowing it to sit for 25 minutes, the root decay is halted, making the revival process easy. Utilizing moss in the garlic water further disinfects the growing medium, setting the stage for successful recovery.

3. Strategic Potting: Creating the Right Environment

A crucial step in the recovery process involves strategic potting. Use two plastic cups with drilled holes, and place small pebbles at the pot’s bottom. Position the pot in a cool, dry place, maintaining moisture in the growing medium by covering it appropriately. This strategic potting method ensures the orchid’s exposure to optimal conditions, making the revival process seamless.

4. Progress and Final Planting: A Healthy Outcome

After 25 days of this careful regimen, witness the small tree’s revival with well-developed roots. The next stage involves watering and misting to sustain moisture, fostering the orchid’s continued growth. After two months, the tree has flourished, signaling the success of the revival process. Gradually expose the plant to light, aiding its adjustment to the new environment. With healthy roots and robust growth, the final planting step involves adding moss to the top layer, creating a flourishing and revitalized orchid. This holistic approach, incorporating the benefits of garlic, ensures not just recovery but sustained health for your orchids.