1. Orchid Rescue: A Week of Drying to Halt Fungal Growth

When faced with orchids sporting just a lone leaf and damaged roots, a strategic pause in watering becomes the initial remedy. Abstaining from watering for a week creates an environment where harmful bacteria and fungi find it challenging to proliferate. This dry period sets the stage for the emergence and growth of a resilient small tree. Following this, prune away the damaged roots, a crucial step in preparing the orchid for its rejuvenation process.

2. Garlic Magic: Antibacterial Boost for Orchid Leaves

Harnessing the antibacterial and disinfectant properties of garlic is a game-changer in orchid revival. A single clove of garlic, when introduced to 400ml of water, transforms into a potent antibacterial solution. Filtering the garlic-infused water allows for a thorough disinfecting spray, rendering the orchid leaves resistant to harmful elements. This organic substance not only aids in recovery but also contributes to the overall health of the plant, particularly the remaining strong and healthy leaf.

3. Revitalizing Orchids: Garlic Juice and Moss Bedding

With the garlic-infused water, a meticulous application process begins. Placing the orchid in a glass and carefully covering the base with garlic juice initiates a 25-minute restoration period. Subsequently, moss serves as a disinfectant for the planting material. Planting the orchid involves placing small pebbles at the pot’s bottom and introducing the orchid on top. Strategic use of pebbles limits water contact, promoting healthier growth. Orchids should be positioned in well-lit areas, avoiding direct sunlight, and incorporating pebbles aids in maintaining moderate humidity levels.

4. Growth and Maintenance: Two Months to Orchid Resurgence

The results, observed after the next 12 days and two months, showcase the success of this straightforward method. The orchid has not only grown but has developed extensive roots, indicating a robust resurgence. Regular watering, misting, and maintaining the pot’s position contribute to the sustained growth of the orchid. This simple yet effective technique offers a practical solution to revive small orchids. As the orchid flourishes and develops more roots, the next step involves transplanting it into a new pot, allowing for further growth in an outdoor environment without the need for covering.