Garlic-Infused Water for Quick Growth:
Revitalizing small orchids that have rotted leaves or lost their growth points can be achieved effortlessly with a simple and effective method. Start by utilizing the nutrient-rich properties of garlic. Take three small cloves of garlic, cut them up, and place them in a jar. Add 0.5 liters of room temperature water, cover, and let it sit for 3 hours. This garlic-infused water is a powerhouse of nutrients that will promote the quick and healthy growth of your orchids. Isolate the affected orchids from healthy plants to prevent the spread of bacteria and fungi.

Trimming and Washing Damaged Roots:
To ensure the orchids’ revival, carefully inspect and trim off all damaged roots from the tree. Similarly, cut off any damaged leaves and the growth points of the affected plant. Thoroughly wash the roots to remove any impurities. After three hours, filter the garlic-infused water and use it to wipe the leaves, disinfecting them and promoting greener and healthier foliage. This method not only aids in recovery but also protects the leaves from fungi and insects during the restoration process.

Protective Measures for Healthy Growth:
Place the treated orchid in a glass, pouring the garlic water over it, and let it sit for 20 minutes. This step ensures the base of the plant is protected, fostering strong and healthy roots. Utilize the remaining garlic water to care for the growing langan flowers, preventing insects from causing harm. The roots will experience accelerated growth, contributing to the overall health of the orchid. After taking the orchid out, wipe it dry and use a piece of foam to create a protective structure around the base.

Ensuring Moisture and Airflow:
For ongoing care, place the orchid in a plastic cup with added water. Regularly check and add water, replacing it when necessary to maintain optimal moisture without over-saturation. To further enhance moisture, mist the orchids every five days. Create a makeshift greenhouse by cutting air exchange holes in plastic cups, covering the orchids, and placing them in a dry, airy, cool, and bright location. After 25 days, witness the miraculous results as two small plants begin to grow, showcasing the effectiveness of this simple yet powerful method for orchid recovery.

Through this easy-to-follow process, you not only nurse small orchids back to health but also set the stage for their successful growth in an outdoor environment. Share your success stories with the community and discover more effective orchid care methods on the channel.