1. Organic Fertilizer Fusion: Garlic and Rice for Orchid Vigor

To ensure orchids thrive and bloom abundantly, especially during the cold season, a unique combination of organic fertilizers proves highly effective. Garlic, containing essential Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, and essential minerals like Calcium and Potassium, becomes a potent source of nutrition. Mixing garlic with rice, rich in B vitamins and minerals such as Potassium, Calcium, and Phosphorus, creates a powerful blend that promotes strong growth in orchids. The first step involves soaking the garlic in water for a day, then filtering it to use in a nutrient-rich regimen for the orchids.

2. Care Regimen: Orchid Leaves’ Health and Lush Greenery

Maintaining the health and lush greenery of orchid leaves is crucial for overall plant well-being. Applying the garlic-infused water to the leaves every two weeks proves beneficial. Wiping both sides of the leaves ensures they remain healthy, green, and vibrant. This section emphasizes the importance of garlic’s vitamins and minerals in fostering optimal leaf conditions, setting the stage for abundant flowers.

3. Winter Orchid Care: Moisture and Root Health

Winter brings its challenges to orchid care, demanding specific attention to moisture and root health. The article advocates careful watering, pointing out that when the substrate is moist and the roots are green, additional watering is unnecessary. The guidance highlights the critical signs indicating the need for watering, such as white or grayish-white roots and shriveled roots. Additionally, the piece advises on creating ventilation by cutting off damaged and dried roots, ensuring better root development.

4. Application Frequency: Orchid Nourishment and Growth Promotion

The final section delves into the practical application of the organic fertilizer mixture. Recommending irrigation in the early morning and evening, the article discourages nighttime watering. A crucial aspect involves leaving the mixture on the roots for at least an hour, facilitating optimal nutrient absorption. The prescribed application frequency is once every 15 days, with the flexibility to alternate with other effective fertilizers. This regimen promotes the growth of beneficial microorganisms, enhances metabolism, and ensures that orchids remain green, vibrant, and ready to bloom, even during the challenging cold season.