Propagating Orchids from Dead Flower Branches: A Natural Approach

Discover a simple yet effective method to propagate orchids from dead flower branches, turning one tree into many small trees. By harnessing the vitamins and nutrients present in potato skins, you can promote the rapid development of small orchid plants in a natural and efficient way.

Potato Skin Infusion: Creating a Nutrient-Rich Solution

To create a nutrient-rich solution, utilize the skin of two potatoes, which contains starch, vitamins A, B, C, and minerals like phosphorus, potassium, and calcium. Boil the potato skins in 300ml of water, allowing them to cool for a day. This process helps dissolve the vitamins and nutrients into the water, creating a potent source for orchid growth. After a day, add room temperature water to make it 1 liter, enhancing the richness of the potato skin infusion.

Cultivating Small Trees: Nurturing Sprouts and Moisture Retention

When orchid flowers fade, inspect the flower branches. If they are still green and healthy, retain them for propagation. Remove the shell from areas containing small sprouts and use small cotton pads soaked in potato juice to keep these locations moist. Perform this process once a week to facilitate quick regeneration of small orchid plants. After about a day, the cotton pads will dry, but the absorbed vitamins and nutrients from the potato peel will have stimulated the rapid revival of small trees.

Optimizing Growth: Using Potato Juice for Healthy Roots

To ensure healthy growth, cut off withered parts of the flower stems and retain areas containing small sprouts. Let them dry naturally. Apply potato juice and landmines to help the small trees grow quickly. After a short period, the small trees will thrive on the flower stems. To encourage longer and stronger roots, use potato juice once a week and apply it to the base. Separating and transplanting the small trees into pots contributes to better growth in an outdoor environment.

Nutrient Boost: Fertilizing with Potato Water

For sustained growth, provide adequate nutrition by watering sufficiently and using potato skin water to fertilize the stump every two weeks. This promotes beneficial microorganisms in the growth medium, accelerating root growth. To enhance nutrient transport, water in the morning or cool afternoon, providing the best conditions for growing small orchid plants. As an alternative, you can replace potato juice with rice water to nourish the roots and revive small trees effectively.