Preparing the Orchid Stump:
When faced with an orchid that seems to have no hope but the roots are intact, a unique method can bring forth not just one or two, but multiple small plants. Begin by removing all the old planting material and trimming damaged roots. Thoroughly wash the roots and let the plant sit in a cool, dry place for three days without watering. This step is crucial to shield the roots from fungal diseases and prevent rot effectively.

Potatoes and Garlic Water Solution:
To stimulate the growth of small orchid plants, a solution made from potatoes and garlic can work wonders. Potatoes, rich in vitamins and minerals, provide essential nutrients for sprouts to thrive. Combine 10g of potatoes with a clove of garlic in 0.5 liters of water. Crush and filter the mixture, then soak the orchid roots in this solution for an hour. The nutrients from potatoes and the antibacterial properties of garlic aid in keeping the roots clean, fostering the revival of multiple small plants.

Creating a Mini Greenhouse Environment:
Utilize a 5-liter plastic bottle to create a conducive environment for the orchid’s growth. Cut holes at the bottom for drainage and plant the orchid in moss, allowing the base of the plant to protrude from the pot surface. Water the plant with just enough moisture, and place it in a cool, well-lit area. Every three days, mist the stump with water to maintain moisture. Cover the orchid with a simple structure to mimic a miniature greenhouse. This method ensures the quick revival of small plants.

Nurturing Small Plants to Maturity:
After two months, observe the remarkable growth of the small plants, although the speed may vary depending on the flower variety. During this stage, provide additional nutrition to the small plants by using rice water or eggshell water. Water the plants every two weeks to encourage root growth. As the orchids progress, consider transplanting them into new pots. Maintain a regular watering and misting routine every three days to keep the leaves consistently moist, ensuring the plants’ strength and health.

Implementing this straightforward method allows orchid enthusiasts to witness the revival of numerous small plants from a seemingly lifeless stump. By harnessing the natural properties of potatoes and garlic, coupled with an innovative greenhouse setup, orchid lovers can enjoy the beauty of multiple thriving plants with minimal effort.