Pruning for Vigorous Growth:
To enhance the growth of your roses, start by pruning the plant. Remove any diseased leaves, dry foliage, and wilted flowers. This practice not only improves the overall appearance of the plant but also stimulates stronger growth. Make precise cuts to encourage the development of healthy shoots and remove any unproductive flower buds. Pruning is a crucial step in promoting a robust and thriving rose bush.

A Boost with Amino Acids and Protein:
Harness the power of amino acids and proteins by using a simple and effective solution – a small spoon of MSG (monosodium glutamate). Mix this spoonful of MSG with 1 liter of water to create a nutrient-rich spray for your rose plant. Amino acids and proteins are essential for plant development, and this solution provides a quick and accessible source. Apply the spray evenly on the plants every two weeks during the early morning and late afternoon to bolster growth and development in young shoots.

Strategic Watering for Root Strength:
After the nutrient-rich spray, it’s time to focus on the roots. Water the rose plant thoroughly to facilitate increased metabolism and robust root growth. Adequate watering is vital for the overall health of the plant, ensuring that it receives the necessary hydration to support its newfound vigor. Consistent and strategic watering complements the nutrient spray, creating optimal conditions for the roses to thrive.

Promoting Strong Growth:
By following these simple steps, you provide your roses with the care they need for strong and vigorous growth. Pruning removes impediments, while the amino acid and protein-rich spray supports the development of healthy shoots. Strategic watering further aids in root strength and overall plant vitality. This approach offers an uncomplicated yet effective way to revitalize weak roses, encouraging them to flourish with renewed energy and strength.