Identifying the Issue: Dry and Damaged Roots
Encountering orchids with only dried and damaged roots might seem disheartening, but fear not. Instead of hastily giving up on these seemingly lifeless plants, there’s a magical solution to revive them. Begin by trimming away the withered flowers, damaged roots, and any dry portions. Focus on the part of the root where bacteria and fungi tend to accumulate, leaving the old planting material untouched.

The Garlic Infusion: A Potent Antibacterial Treatment
To kickstart the revival process, employ the power of garlic. In a small container, mix a chopped garlic clove with a bit of water. Add this garlic solution to a liter of clean water, creating a potent antibacterial and disinfectant mixture. Let the roots soak in this solution for approximately 20 minutes, ensuring thorough antibacterial treatment. This garlic-infused water harnesses the natural properties of garlic to protect the roots.

Crafting a New Home: Moss and Garlic Water Potting
Recycle a plastic bottle to create a makeshift pot for your orchid. Place moss at the bottom to retain moisture. Use the garlic water mixture to evenly water the potted plant. Choose a cool, well-lit, and airy location to position the pot. Regularly monitor the moisture levels, watering when the growing medium is dry. The garlic water contributes to ongoing antibacterial protection while fostering a conducive environment for recovery.

Witnessing the Magical Revival: Patience and Growth
In the following months, observe the magical revival of the once withered orchid roots. Small plants will emerge, drawing nutrients from the stump. The initial drying and wilting of roots are natural occurrences during uneven growth. Patience is key as these small trees develop better roots. After about 5 months, the small plants will flourish. At this stage, consider separating and replanting them in new pots for optimal growth in a broader environment. Remember to maintain a stable position to limit movement and facilitate swift growth.

Incorporate regular misting and watering to provide essential moisture, ensuring the continued rapid growth of these small trees. This simple yet effective method ensures that your orchids not only recover but thrive. May this guide assist you in breathing new life into your withered orchid roots.