Trimming and Healing the Orchid Branch:

When your orchid branches have finished flowering, it’s time to embark on a journey of propagation. Begin by delicately cutting the areas where flowers once bloomed. Applying turmeric powder to the cuts not only aids in swift healing but also ensures that the cuts dry promptly. Removing the shell facilitates faster growth of small sprouts. Employ a diagonal cut technique to enhance water absorption and prevent crushing, creating an optimal environment for new growth.

Garlic Infusion for Robust Growth:

To initiate the propagation process, introduce the power of garlic. Take three small cloves of garlic, cut them into pieces, and immerse them in 0.5 liters of water. Let the infusion sit for 30 minutes, ensuring that the garlic’s beneficial properties are fully extracted. Subsequently, filter the garlic-infused water and submerge the orchid branch in it for another 30 minutes. This garlic treatment facilitates quick root development and nourishes the flower branches. Wiping the branches dry post-treatment paves the way for accelerated growth.

Waterproofing with Candle Wax:

Ensure the longevity of your orchid’s growth by taking a simple yet effective step—waterproofing the cuts. Employ a candle to apply wax to the cuts, creating a protective barrier. This waterproofing not only shields the cuts from potential damage but also promotes a conducive environment for the orchid to thrive. Pinning the orchid in a plastic bottle, adjusting water levels judiciously, and sealing it with adhesive tape ensures optimal moisture levels, setting the stage for successful growth.

Nurturing Growth for a Bountiful Outcome:

After three weeks of patient nurturing, observe the remarkable growth of your orchid in a plastic bottle. Avoid unnecessary pot movement, and remember to replenish water levels as needed. After 70 days, witness the culmination of your efforts as the orchid flourishes with robust roots and vibrant growth. Now, with confidence, you can transplant the orchid into a new environment, perhaps opting for a smart bark. This method, enriched with subtitles, guarantees a successful propagation journey and sets the stage for accelerated growth and blooming in the outdoor environment.